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We highly recommend that every business must have an Offsite-Backup / Recovery program locally and remotely to protect data files from Disastrous Events including but not limited to: Natural Disasters, Ransomware, Power Outages, Hardware Failure, and many more. Our partner, Rapid Recovery from Quest, have given us a perfect solution to safely backup and recover your data during these events for any business, small or large. We can help protect your data with minimal to zero downtime! Bergman Consulting Services highly specializes in data backup/recovery to ensure your business runs properly and that your business needs are met accordingly.

  • No matter the business framework, Bergman Consulting Services can perform automatic Off-Site Backup / Recovery locally and remotely to protect your private data from any Disastrous Event.

  • Our automatic snapshots are performed periodically. Usually, this is done every hour but can be changed accordingly to your business needs.

  • All snapshots are performed automatically with zero human intervention. Human intervention leads to most backup data seizures in businesses today.

Advantages of Off-Site Backup / Recovery : 

  • Private Data Backup/Recovery

  • Ransomware Protection

  • Full Restoration Availability

  • Flexibility to Any Business Framework

  • Server Protection With Least Possible Downtime

  • Advanced Features for Small And/Or Large Businesses Locally and Remotely

  • Recovery of Old/New Data Files

  • Automated Backup Recovery

  • Dedicated Disaster Recovery Virtual Machine's

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